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When you can’t travel, why not learn English online?

15th April 2020

If you’re bored in a coronavirus lockdown or looking to upskill yourself, join Celtic English Academy online classes with students from around the world today!

We are living in an unusual time when many countries in the world are on lockdown and travel restrictions are in place. Many of us are experiencing changes to our daily lives that we never expected to happen on this scale.

So, for a moment, let’s get philosophical…


In a world on hold, how can we continue to move forward?

In a world distanced from one another, how can we keep connected?

In a world that has retreated in, how can we keep our minds open?


The answer is to keep learning. Education is one of the greatest gifts in life and can give us what we need for our futures, as the philosopher Maimonides tells us here:

Source: Brainyquote.com


Learn English Online

Whether you want to improve your English for your job, to go to university or simply be able to communicate more easily with people across different cultures and places, the Celtic English Academy motto has always been the same:


At Celtic English Academy our experienced, qualified, native-speaker teachers are now teaching online classes daily for students like you, from around the world.


What are the benefits of joining online classes?


How can I join online English classes?

You can contact us today to discuss the best options for you!


What’s next?

We know that nothing beats learning together, in person. We love to be in the classroom, with our classmates around us and our teacher in front of us. Yet we can still have this right now with the Celtic English Academy online classroom, thanks to the powers of technology!

We will still help you to reach your goals and support you with learning English.

However, when the world can travel again, we would love to invite you to come to study and live in Cardiff, to immerse yourself in the English language and to make great memories with us.

As a bonus, if you want to come to study at Celtic English Academy in the future, we will give a FREE enrolment fee for you and your immediate family, if your parent, brother or sister would like to come with you too! When the travel restriction is over, why not plan a family study holiday and Visit Wales in the future. Head to: https://www.visitwales.com/ to discover more of what Wales has to offer!


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