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Verena from Germany is this week’s Student Voice

18th November 2020


At Celtic English Academy we value our students’ feedback and their opinions, always using them to refine and improve the experiences of our future students.

Read what Verena from Germany had to say about her experience with us:

  • Name: Verena
  • Nationality: German
  • Duration at Celtic English Academy: 6 weeks
  • Accommodation: Studio Residence

Verena with her classmates at St. Fagan’s National Museum of History (Cardiff). She is the one on the right. 


What do you like about Cardiff?

Cardiff is a nice city with beautiful parks. The way from the Lumis Student Living to Celtic is only about 15 minutes walk.

What have you learnt about the British or Welsh culture?

Due to the Corona pandemic, I hadn’t had the chance to socialize with people from Cardiff. But in general, I very much like the British people very much due to their kindness and humour and mainly positively thinking.

What was your favourite lesson and why?

My teachers Andrew and Louise were great, each in their own way. As I mainly wanted to improve my ability to speak they allowed talks about different topics which were sometimes but not always connected to the exercises we did from the book.

How did you find studying at Celtic despite the pandemic?

I enjoyed the face-to-face lessons very much, but of course, it would also have been fun to have a few fellow students. As I was determined to make the best out of the situation, I avoided thinking too deeply about how it could be without pandemic and just dealt with the actual situation.

Did you find it beneficial to study with a small number of students in the class?

See above.

What is the best memory that you will take home from this experience?

Thanks to Andrew I got to know some very interesting people, e.g. politicians, actors, a professor for history, a very controversial journalist. I very much enjoyed taking Information from the lessons,

watching youtube videos or read about those people.  Moreover, I loved walking through Bute Park and the River Taff Trail.

Would you recommend Celtic English Academy to your friends and family and why?

Yes, for several reasons. Cardiff is a nice place to be, the location of the school is great. All teachers were really good. Especially Elodie did her best to make me feel good and the whole team did a great job. So thank you very much once again, I really had a good time.

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