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Talking about cultural differences

3rd April 2017

Do you ever feel that people don’t really hear what you mean to say. Or perhaps you don’t get what others are saying? As you travel abroad, the cultural differences are likely to become more noticeable. The way people communicate with each other, how we approach problem or participate in groups and communities vary widely from one country to another, and even within cultures. These differences often lead to amusing misunderstandings but can also have an impact on your career, education or life.

Cultural Diversity.jpgBe mindful of differences. 

Awareness of cultural differences can help us understand ourselves and one another better. It also gives us a better chance of assimilation and it allows to have a better experience while being abroad.

Celtic English Academy believes that the intercultural exchange that occurs in the school is a valuable part of the student experience and we encourage all students to make the most of that opportunity.

Global Competence Certificate (GCC)

Coming to Celtic will be a new experience for you to navigate. You will meet lots of people from all around word. To bridge cultural differences, we offer the Global Competence Certificate (GCC) to look past the stereotypes and learn who people are, what they do and why they do it. 

The GCC consists of 18 modules that you take before, during and after your English course. The learning takes place both online, through videos, forums, quizzes, assignments  and offline. They are provided to our students using discussion sessions with other GCC students. There will be an indepth focus on your study skills, your experiences abroad and how to apply your intercultural skills in practice.

 GCC Collage.jpg





Why take the GCC?

  • Increase your cultural self-awareness and understanding of others
  • Interact more effectively with people of other nationalities
  • Integrate more effectively during your time in the UK
  • Develop your skills as a global citizen which can benefit you for your future studies, work and life
  • Receive a recognised certificate for your CV or personal statement
  • Be part of a multi-national open space to explore intercultural topics

Whether it is your first time abroad or not, why not take the GCC programme? It’s a great opportunity to learn more about youself and others!

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