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Summer Vocabulary for ESL students

2nd July 2017

Summer is officially here so why not brush up on your ‘’summer’ vocabulary? Check out our new Study Tip and learn new verbs, phrases and idioms.

When most people think of summer, the following words spring to mind: beach, sun, water, sea, hot. But, there is more than that. 

What’s the weather like? ☀️?

In summer it’s often hot and sunny. You should always put on sunscreen to protect your skin while being outside. Many people love being by the sea because there’s always a breeze and they don’t get too hot. In the UK, we sometimes experience a heat wave and people go to the beach every day. In many parts of Europe, it’s very humid in the summer and it’s easy to sweat. 

Sunscreen –the cream you can put on your body to protect yourself from getting burned.

Breeze – a light refreshing wind

A heat wave – an unexpected period of extreme heat

Humid – when the air has water in it and it’s very hot

What do we wear in summer????

If you go to the beach, you will want to wear clothes designed for swimming and sunbathing. Some people prefer to cover most of their bodies and they wear a bathing suit or a swimming suit. Young ladies often enjoy wearing small bathing suits called bikinis and guys often wear swimming trunks for swimming and sunbathing.

Flip flops and sandals are very popular types of footwear in summer.  Everyone also wears shorts and t-shirts because it’s too hot to wear jeans and jackets.

A bathing suit- a full piece swimsuit for women.

A bikini- a two- piece swimsuit for girls.

Shorts – short trousers

Flip flops– Japanese style sandals that are worn at the beach 

Activities ? ??

The warm weather puts everyone in a good mood. Summer is a great season to spend more time outside. From barbeques to hiking in the mountains, summer gives many opportunities to do fun stuff.

Families all over the world often like spending their summer holidays by the sea so they can go for a swim. While adults often like to get a suntan, kids love to spend time playing in the sand and making sandcastles.

People also enjoy sharing a picnic with friends or family. But there are many more things to do in summer. What are your favourite summer activities? Let us know in the comments below.

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