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Study Tip: Money idioms

8th January 2017

Have you been spending too much money recently? Or perhaps saving?  It’s the Sunday #StudyTips and today we are teaching some common, informal ways to say: ‘I have no money”or “I have a lot of money”. Take a look the examples…

Idioms meaning a person has no money

To be broke

I can’t go to the cinema with you, I am broke.

To be strapped for cash

Could you lend me £10? I am strapped for cash.

To be skint

Sorry mate, I can’t come out – I’m skint!


Idioms meaning a person who has a lot of money

To be loaded

He works in New York.  He is loaded.

To be sitting on a gold mine

Her land is valuable. She is sitting on a gold mine. 

To have money to burn

He won the lottery and has money to burn. 


Why not try to incorporate these into your language when you are out with your friends or to impress your teacher during your English lessons at Celtic? There’s no better way to learn than to practise! We like to say practice makes perfect.

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