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Study tip: love & relationships ❤️

29th January 2017

With the recent St Dwynwen’s day and Valentine’s Day coming up- why not learn the language of love?  It’s the Sunday #Studytip and today we are focusing on vocabulary. Take a look at our examples..   

Love is in the air! ❤️

Have you found the ‘oneor perhaps you only have a ‘crush’ on someone?  A ‘crush’ is when you really like someone but you haven’t told them yet. 

Some people like flirting. If you ‘flirt’ with someone, it means you are trying to playfully impress them. After a few weeks or months, you might “fall in love,” -you start having romantic feelings about another person.

Once you start a serious relationship, you can say it’s my ‘girlfriend’/ ‘boyfriend’.

If you want to be with a person forever you might want to ‘get married – make a relationship legally binding.

Before getting married, people often ‘get engaged – they agree to get married. A boyfriend gives an engagement ring and ask his girlfriend to marry him.

However, sometimes love stories come to an end. Perhaps your ‘sweetheart (the person you are with) no longer feels the same way about you. Then, it’s time to break up with that person. This means to end the relationship. If you are married, this break up is called a ‘divorce’.

But there are also people who stay ‘best friends after breaking up. This is a friend that you are very close with and share the same interests.

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