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Study Tip: Lend or borrow?

11th December 2016

Do you know the difference between ‘borrow’ and ‘lend‘? Do you know that these common verbs have very similar meanings but they are used differently? Take a look at the examples.


Borrow means to take something from someone.

You can borrow something from someone. When you need something, you can borrow it. 

Borrow is a regular verb, so we use borrow > borrowed > borrowed.  


Here are a few examples:

Can I borrow your phone for a minute, please?

I sometimes borrow my dad’s car.


Lend means to give something to someone.

You can lend something to someone. When you have something, you can lend it. 

Lend is an irregular verb, so we use lend > lent > lent.


Here are a few examples:

She lent me a pen.

My dad sometimes lends me his car.


Test your knowledge. Choose a correct verb: borrow / lend. 

  1. I often ____ a book from the library.
  2. Can you ____ your mobile phone for a minute?
  3. I need to ____ some money from my sister.
  4. If you need to use my laptop, I can ____ you my laptop.
  5. You may ___ my bike, but be careful.
  6. Should I ____ him my motorbike?
  7. Can you ___ me a hand with this project?


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