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Study Tip: Everyday uncountable nouns

30th December 2016

Nouns can be either countable or uncountable. Not sure what the difference is? We have the answers you need. It’s the Sunday #StudyTips and today we are teaching some common uncountable words. 

COUNTABLE – you can count them 

???  3 apples 

⚽️⚽️  2 footballs            

????  4 hats 


UNCOUNTABLE – you can’t count it

? rice 

? water 



Everyday uncountable words:


? There is some bad news today. 

? Accommodation here is expensive. 

✈️ Air travel is faster than rail travel ?

I need some fresh air. 

☔️ It’s terrible weather today. 

He can give your some useful information about Cardiff. 

The traffic is bad today. ?????

I’ll give you some advice about your education.  ?


Food – a lot of uncountable nouns are kinds of food and drink:

rice, spaghetti, butter, bread, milk, water, tea, coffee. 

Note: When we want to say how much we want, we say, two loaves of bread, three litres of milk, a kilo of apples. 


TIP: When you learn a new noun, write it down in a phrase which shows if it is countable or uncountable. 


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