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So and Such: differences in Grammar- #Study Tip

21st May 2017

This week, we are back with more English Study Tips. Some students may find English grammar so tricky to use, luckily we have such wonderful teachers to help you. This week, we are looking at the difference between so and such. Do you know how and when to use them? Look at our examples. You will be an expert before you know it!

We use so and such to intensify adjectives.

We use so before adjectives that do not have a noun after them. We can also use so before adverbs.

This tea is so sweet!

Tom’s feet are so big.



They work so well together.

Maria sang so beautifully.




We can use so with many and much: 

  • So many + plural noun

There were so many people in the shop.

  • So much + uncountable noun

We had so much work to do. 

We use such a/an before an adjective + singular noun (e.g. a person) We use such before a plural noun ( e.g. feet ) or an uncountable noun (e.g. food)

It was such an amazing car.

He has such big feet.

That was such excellent food.

We can use such with a lot of.

  • Such a lot of + plural noun

There were such a lot of people in the shop.

  • Such a lot of + uncountable noun

We had such a lot of work to do. 

Test your knowledge. Leave your answers in the comments below. 

  1. He is very handsome. He has…. beautiful eyes.
  2. My birthday was amazing. I got ….. lovely presents
  3. I like Tom. He is ….a nice person.
  4. Jack loves children. He is… a wonderful father.
  5. The weather today was beautiful, it was ……..sunny.
  6. I didn’t get a good grade in my test because it was …….difficult.

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