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Practice Crucial When Studying Language

7th August 2013

There are many aspects of learning that come into play when you are studying a new language. It is important to learn some vocabulary and some grammar, but it is even more important to practice actually using the language you are learning. Speaking a new language not only gives you a chance to try out your newly acquired skills, it also helps to create solid links in your brain between the two languages, so that it becomes easier and more natural to speak it. Eventually you may even find yourself thinking in the new language while you are using it to converse.

The importance of practical application in learning a language is one of the reasons that we feel it is so beneficial to study English abroad in the UK. As you are surrounded by people speaking English, you are forced to use all the language skills you have, and continue to expand your knowledge and vocabulary to keep up with the demands of being understood. This ‘in at the deep end’ method of learning is perfect for acquiring languages as it is only once you hear words spoken again and again in the right context that you will truly understand them, and natural English speakers are the best people to practice on!

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