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Monttinee from Thailand is this week’s Student Voice

5th August 2019


At Celtic English Academy we value our students’ feedback and their opinions, always using them to refine and improve the experiences of our future students.

Read what Monttinee from Thailand had to say about her experience with us:

  • Name: Monttinee
  • Nationality: Thai
  • Duration at Celtic English Academy: 8 Weeks
  • Accommodation: Homestay


About me:

I participated in a short-term study in English at Celtic. I had been awarded a scholarship presented to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn by Celtic English Academy in collaboration with International Education Consultants Association in Thailand. I studied General English for 8 weeks in Wales at Celtic English Academy. Now I work at Chitralada Technology Institute. This opportunity was a perfect time for me. I gained many experiences, many stories happened and ended perfectly.

 What do you like about Cardiff and Celtic English Academy?

Cardiff is a wonderful city. (Amazing place) I particularly keen on walking around the city over and over.  This place has many kinds of people. But everyone is friendly. The weather is very beautiful during May – July 2019.

First of all, I’m so lucky because I lived with Jan’s family. We have spent time & shared the ideas when I was living in this house. It such a ton of my happiness. Before I went back to Thailand She said: “this home you can go back any time”. She was so sweet. She is my Welsh mom. I cried a lot before I went back home. I love her family and I love my home mate a lot. Her name is Yuko. She came from Japan. We know the same thing that “Our host family is so good”.

Let’s talk about Celtic English Academy. Every day I was very happy when joined the class. My class was on Intermediate plus B2 level, which is quite difficult for me. I have lovely classmates, a variety of nationalities. We shared ideas and exchange cultural for communication. I fancy studying in English because of the teacher in Celtic. Celtic has studious and super teachers.  I learned with teacher Megan. I love her so much. It’s a quite different style in my home town.  Everyone in the class has a role and always involved with together. The teacher was very friendly. She makes me use the English language confidently. I keen on English. Live and learn. My last week in July at Celtic, I studied with teacher Mithan. He pronounced the sound in English words very clearly.  He is my idol for practicing pronunciation in English. The staff in Celtic was so kind. They can help me in any situation.


What is your favourite memory?

All activities in Celtic were brilliant. The best topic for me is the Welsh food tour activity. I think this activity pay less but gain more experience. So that I think Celtic makes me be a better person than ever. If I had a chance to study abroad, I should study in Celtic for sure.

My life in the UK was a total of 54 days. I went to England – Basingstoke town for 2 days and London for 2 days. I went to Scotland for 5 days and spent my life 45 days in Cardiff. I studied 91% attendance. I travelled a lot. I visited landmarks in Cardiff such as Castles, the bay, the quay, bazaar, Llandaff Park and the market, etc. I fancy looking around the city. I tried to explore many zones in Cardiff. And in the end, I love Cardiff so much.


Will you recommend Celtic English Academy to your friends and family?

Finally, 54 days the time flies so quickly. I will never forget the Celtic and Cardiff for the rest of my life. I’ve already told my experiences from the UK to other people. I set my routine for watching a TV program or surf the internet in English. I will practice more and more in English. I will try all my best. If I have a good chance, I will go back to Cardiff again. Thank you for all your kindness. I am so appreciated.

I will recommend my friends, my students, and my family in Thailand about Celtic English Academy.

Celtic is the best! 


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