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Louise from Belgium is this week’s Student Voice

23rd July 2019


At Celtic English Academy we value our students’ feedback and their opinions, always using them to refine and improve the experiences of our future students.

Here is what Louise from Belgium had to say about her experience with us:

  • Name: Louise
  • Age: 21
  • Nationality: Belgian
  • Duration at Celtic English Academy: 5 months
  • Accommodation: Lumis Student Residence

 louise_v3What do you like about Cardiff and Celtic English Academy?

Cardiff is a very nice city because there are a lot of different shops in a small city. Cardiff has different good pub and a beautiful park (Bute Park). In the city and shops, the people are very friendly. 

Celtic English Academy is a good school with very friendly and helpful teachers. Classes have good furniture (projector, computer, table). If you have a problem, you know the name of some people who can help you in case.


What is your favourite lesson or social activity?

The lunch class is interesting and fun because we apply what we learnt in the morning class but with some games or different kind of exercises. Also, I learnt some idioms, very useful when you speak English because British people use a lot.

The best activity is going on excursion with friends and visit other cities not too far away to Cardiff. You practise your English with your friends and you hear other accents from other cities. Other good activity is going outside in a pub to meet native people and have new friends. It’s important to be confronted to native English people when you aren’t in a host family.


What is your favourite memory?

My favourite memory is when I went to Bath with my friends. The weather was very good and Bath is a very cute city with beautiful architecture. By train it was very easy to go there. It was one amazing day in another city.



What have you learnt about Welsh and British culture?

I tried the famous English breakfast twice. It’s a very heavy breakfast, but very good! I discovered the UK don’t have the same schedule on the weekend when they are going outside in a pub or nightclub. They start the party early and all the nightclubs are closed earlier than in Belgium. Finally it’s not bad because you can be in shape tomorrow morning. People are very sociable and friendly in the street and aren’t shy to speak with you.


Will you recommend Celtic English Academy to your friends and family?

Yes I will recommend Celtic to my relatives if they want to learn English a few months. The teachers are very good and they want you to improve. We have very good course books and we learn English with interesting modern topics of the world. Also Celtic proposes different activities on the weekend. You can borrow books in the office. If you have some questions, the staff are happy to help you. You meet a lot of different people from different countries and it’s very rewarding.


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