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Life in Wales – by Enol and Diego

19th July 2012

Family and lifestyle:

Well, we think that here, in Cardiff the families are bigger and the average child per family here is over 2 and in Spain is just 0.9 so… We live with just one person called Sheila, she’s very friendly and she has a lot of grandchildren. The relationship in that family is really strong. The first day we came was really strange because in Spain we don’t have carpet, and we are with trainers and shoes at home, here, we can’t.

Eating habits:

I think here, the diet is worse because they eat a lot of hamburgers and fast food. But I think the timetable is better here, in Spain the main meal is the lunch, and here, is the breakfast. People usually have hamburgers or sandwiches for lunch. I need to talk about the packed lunch, at the beginning was a bit difficult to eat it, but now, we’re trying to do it. It will be difficult for us to eat when we’ll return back.


Here, people always say ‘excuse me’ and ‘please’ and in Spain we just say them once a week or something like that… haha But I think people from other countries think that Spanish people are very rude, but we are not rude. 2 days ago, I was in Mc Donald and I said:

Have you got French fries?

And she answered me: yes

So I said: give me one

Then our teacher told us that say that isn’t very polite but I didn’t know it. I want to say with that, that the people here are more polite.


People here love to travel, in our family they love Spain, and lots hot countries, I mean, they love travelling.

Tea or coffee?

People here prefer tea, but there are people who prefer coffee.

Political views:

Here the people don’t like to talk about political views…I don’t know why but when I asked Sheila, what were her political views she didn’t want to answer.

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