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Let’s play rugby – Study Tip

12th February 2017

Rugby is the national sport of Wales, although football is also very popular.  Every year, rugby fans from all over the world come to Cardiff to be part of International days or RBS Six Nation matches. With the Six Nation season in full swing, it’s time to brush up on your rugby vocabulary and find out this game’s rule.

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Rugby is usually played on a grass-covered pitch by two teams. Each team has 15 players.  The game lasts for 80 minutes.

Rugby is played with an oval shaped ball that players can kick, run with or pass to team-mates. The aim is to earn points by getting the ball across the opponent’s goal line or kicking it over the crossbar between the goalposts. The team that gets the most points, wins the game.

Rugby is a very fast-moving game. Every player on the field has to be able to play offense and defense.


Playing Area & Rugby Equipment

Rugby is played on a field called a ‘pitch’ that’s about the size of a soccer field. There is an end zone at each end beyond the goal line.

A crossbar with upright goalposts is located in the center of each team’s goal line.

We use a rugby ball to play rugby. The shape of the ball is oval.


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Can you guess which of our Celtic Staff played rugby for Wales at international level?

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