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Junior Programme Summer 2017

17th August 2017

It’s been an extremely lively summer with our Junior groups at Celtic English Academy. We had students from Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Russia and Turkey all studying with us. It was fantastic having all the different nationalities together; sharing their culture and improving their English skills.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 15.48.20.png 

The teenagers studied a diverse range of topics and produced some excellent project work. Highlights included: “The Dirty Sock Museum”, an infographic on the history of coal mining in Wales, an invention which made your dreams come true (The Magic Hat) not to mention a play which the students wrote and performed themselves! 

Studying with other nationalities really encouraged the young learners to communicate in English. Rather than relying on their own language, our teenagers were pushed to make themselves understood. Without a doubt, everyone’s self-confidence grew, along with newly forged friendships which crossed boundaries. And, just because I was the teacher didn’t mean that I didn’t learn anything….I found out that animal noises are different in different countries. For instance, dogs in the UK go “woof, woof”, while in Spain and Vietnam they say “guau, guau”, whereas in Italy dogs respond “bau, bau”, but Russian pups say “tyav, tyav”, and finally Turkish dogs would say “hev, hev”. Who knew? It just goes to show that every day is a school day if you are open to learning. 

Remember there are lots more information about our junior programme here. 

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