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Meet Jessica our Student Support Officer

3rd March 2020

We chatted to the new face of Celtic; Jessica! Jess started her new role as Student Support Officer last week, you will find her on the front desk with Alex. Here is all you need to know about Jess!

How long have you been working for Celtic English Academy?

I have been working at Celtic since April 2019! I started off as the social activity leader, and now I am working at the front desk in reception as a student support officer.

What has been your favourite Celtic activity?

My favourite activity at Celtic has been the trips to the Brecon Beacons and Merthyr Mawr with Adventure Tour Wales. Richard and Mark are so much fun and they took us on some wonderful walks and adventures across the beautiful landscape outside of Cardiff. I would 100% recommend them, you will have an absolutely wonderful time.

What & where did you study?

I have studied at Cardiff University for the past five years.  I did an undergraduate degree in Ancient History and Archaeology, and a Masters in Archaeology.  Hopefully in the next few years I will do a PhD!

Do you have any hobbies? 

I have many hobbies! I am quite a creative person, I love to knit, sew, paint, and draw! They always help me relax and pass the time.  So if you ever want to learn how to knit, come see me!

I also love to sing, and passed quite a few grades in it whilst I was in school.  My poor family often have to put up with me singing at all times of the day!  I often join choirs too, especially at Christmas as it is so much fun to sing some good old Christmas carols!

My dog (Maximus) and hamster (Korg) are also my two favourite things in the world, so I love to play with them all the time! They get on well too, and I would say they are good friends!  But they are also very spoiled too; they have too many treats and toys!

Name 3 things we don’t know about Jess

  1. I am a big horror movie fan! I love all things scary and I watch them all the time! My favourite has to be the ‘Scream’ movies, they are a classic.
  2. I am originally from South London, so don’t be shocked if you don’t hear a Welsh accent from me! I moved to Cardiff when I was six, but I still go back to London quite often for my favourite Londoner food; pie and mash!
  3. My favourite animal is a shark, and has been since I was about ten. People often find it weird that I love such a scary creature, but hey, they’re super cool.

What is your favourite place in Cardiff and why?

My favourite place in Cardiff is the St. Fagans Museum of Welsh Life.  I have been going there since I was little and it is my favourite place to wonder round and learn all about the wonderful history and culture of Wales. I am a big history nerd, so I absolutely love all museums. I have even done some volunteering there, and worked during big events like Christmas and Halloween. There is so much to see and learn there, and even though I go there so often, I learn something new every time.  Give the place a visit if you haven’t, it is the best!

Make sure to say ‘hello’ to Jess on the front desk. Click here to read more blog posts like this!

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