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IELTS: Top tips on how to pass

16th July 2019

It’s no secret that IELTS is considered to be one of the most difficult English Language tests to take – we hope the information below will help you achieve the results you need.

We caught up with our Marketing Officer, Narumi, who took her IELTS test in April for a visa application. Read what she has to say about how to prepare, what to expect and how she found her test day in London.  


Narumi joined IELTS preparation classes here at Celtic English Academy to give her the best chance of getting the required level.

Here’s what she had to tell us.

“When did you take the exam and where?”  –  I took my test in April 2019, London.

“How was your test day experience?”To be honest it was a bit stressful, there was a lot of waiting time, tense atmosphere, and there was no break during the written exam – it was a long day.

“Why were you taking the exam?”For my visa application

“Did you take preparation classes?” Yes, at Celtic English Academy.

“What was the most useful thing you learnt from your lessons?”   – Lots of things! But most importantly:

  • Time management – learning how to write within the time limits,
  • Vocabulary – you should always try and improve your vocabulary,
  • Find keywords – they help you focus on the most important parts

“How long did you take to prepare for the exam?”5 weeks

“Did you do a lot of revision at home?” Yes, in addition to homework I mainly practised writing. I was always listening to the news to help me improve my vocabulary.

“Which was the hardest skill/component for you? Why?” Writing. I always struggled to answer two topics within an hour! There never seemed to be enough time. My teacher helped me with this. 

“What’s the best advice you can give to someone preparing for the exam?” 

I would recommend you to time yourself when you’re practising Reading and Writing – it will help in the real exam.
Don’t spend too much time if you don’t know the words in the Reading exam, you don’t need to understand every single word. Find the keywords and copy the answer from the text to the answer sheet!
For Writing, take some minutes to plan what you’ll write and follow the structure. 
Listening to the news is very helpful for both Listening and Speaking. It’s simply listening practice but also you may get some topics for speaking exam as my speaking exam topic was relevant to the recent news
“What was your score?”6.5

And finally!
“What’s your favourite idiom?”There’s no room to swing a cat!
“What does it mean?”The space/room is very small!
We’re delighted that Narumi managed to achieve the required result for her Visa application; she is currently working on Agent visits in Japan. Congratulations Narumi! 


Accreditation, Membership & Exam Centre

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