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Global Competence Certificate- why you should take it.

11th April 2017

There are lots of moments in our lives when we have the chance to meet new people from all over the world. Whether we go on holiday, work in an international company or do a study abroad programme, we are confronted with a new culture. And no matter how well we think we know ourselves, we are often surprised at how different people are.  

From culture to culture, and even within cultures, there are different ways that people communicate, how they approach a problem, communicate or participate in groups. To bridge these cultural differences, we at Celtic English Academy offer the Global Competence Certificate (GCC).

What is the GCC?  

The GCC is an intercultural learning programme that helps us learn more about ourselves and other people. The GCC is a great way to find out more about youself, increase your awareness of other people and create a bridge between different cultures. Anyone can take it as long as you study at least of 4 weeks of any English course at Celtic English Academy.

When and where does the GCC programme take place?

The GCC takes place both in your home country and at Celtic English Academy. You will be responsible for watching videos, filling out the participation handbook, completing quizzes and questionnaires and also participating in our online forum with other students. At Celtic English Academy, you will have the chance to meet students from all over the world to do workshops where you discuss themes of the programme together.

You will not be graded during these activities but it is a great way for you to learn about yourself and other cultures.


What do Celtic students say about the GCC programme?

Adan, Costa Rica

 “I have learnt about different cultures. The videos and forums helped me to avoid making stereotypes and generalizations. I think the program is perfect. I have learnt to listen, be tolerant and respect more.”

Laura, Colombia

“I really like the way the GCC programme helps me to recognise the difference between the cultures, that are more than I used to think. Also, the videos gave me important tools to find solutions to small problems or different situations.”

Alejandro Vargas, Costa Rica

“The GGC gives you advice on what to expect or how to behave in intercultural situations. I think the most useful things were techniques on how to behave if you have an argument with someone of another culture, how to manage the differences and how to solve it.”  Read more about Alejandro’s feedback here. 

Giorgia, Italy  

“The programme helps you to understand different situations and prepare you for different situations that could happen in your future. GGC programme opened my mind about cultural differences and behaviours. Now, through my experience and this course, I know more about different countries.”

Sara, Colombia

“I found this programme very interesting because it helped me to organise myself and at the end make a summary about my experience abroad. The examples in the videos are really useful, they help you to understand the concepts better.”

Simona, Italy

“I like this programme because it enriched me and I had the opportunity to learn new techniques and new point of views. I found the videos and sessions very interesting. I think it’s true that culture has two side, one visible and one invisible and we all should have respect for both.“  Read more about Simona’s feedback here. 

Marco, Costa Rica

“The programme helped me to understand myself and others. It gave me a better picture at how my culture and other cultures behave.”

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