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I’m unemployed. How can a Cambridge English language qualification help me to get a job?

10th February 2021

A group of people preparing a job interview

If you are unemployed currently, or looking to improve your chances of getting a job in your desired sector, or a better position in your career, have you thought about the added value of an English language qualification for your CV?

🇨🇭 If you’re a Swiss national, receive FREE English training for 12 weeks! Read more.

How can an English language qualification help me?

  • Improved English skills to communicate in your job
  • Increased confidence using English at work
  • Added value for your CV and job applications
  • Widened opportunities in the competitive global job market
  • Greater chance to stand out in interviews

With the increase of home and remote working as a by-product of the pandemic, it looks like the working world may be changing forever.

We’re seeing more flexibility to work where, when and how. With this, employers are increasingly advertising jobs that can be “remote / non-location specific”. So the net of competition suddenly widens outside of your local area! Without the need for relocation, employers are going to have their best pick of the catch out of these times.

Let’s motivate ourselves now and not let ourselves get washed up in these times.

We’re aware that 2020 – 2021 is very difficult and your personal situation could be challenging right now. People are disconnected, it’s hard to access certain services and opportunities. Unemployment is hiking and we don’t know yet how the post-pandemic job market will innovate and move forward. Maybe you have sadly lost your job? Or you feel concerned for your job security? Perhaps you are a recent graduate who is trying to land a first job out there?

Let us help you to be ready. Advance your English language skills today and position yourself with your very own USP (unique selling point) for your CV.

A growing number of global companies are using English as their main language. Native language and cultural identity are so important to who we are as individuals, but increasingly our globalised world has benefited from being able to communicate in a common language.

The English at Work Cambridge English Global Survey gave these statistics:

📁 Over 45% of employers require advanced level English for tasks at work, according to the global average

💬 32% give interviews in English to evaluate the English language level when recruiting new staff


What can I do?

Right now there is no better time than to upskill and prepare for the future, today. With many countries still in full or partial lockdown, why not use the time wisely to improve your English?

British Council accredited and experienced English Language Teaching (ELT) centres, like Celtic English Academy are offering a full portfolio of courses online, or in hybrid classrooms – teaching live from the UK with streamed lessons online.

Celtic English Academy recommends their B2 First Certificate (FCE) or C1 Advanced (CAE) Cambridge English Exam Preparation courses to improve English for your career.

You can join:

  • 12-week preparation courses
  • Every term
  • Online or in-person
  • Full-time and part-time course options

Plus the Cambridge English qualifications are valid for life, with no expiry date (unlike IELTS or other English certificates that can expire).


If you’re a Swiss national, receive FREE English training for 12 weeks!

If you are an unemployed Swiss national, you can study the 12-week Cambridge English Exam Preparation course FREE thanks to full funding from SECO, the Swiss Government employment office.

SECO will fully fund a 12-week Cambridge course + pay for your exam at the end.

Celtic English Academy is a delivery partner for SECO and is ready to support you with improving your English skills for your future job.


How do I apply?

Visit Celtic here for a guide to how to apply for the funding from SECO and more information.

Email [email protected] to speak to a Celtic English Academy course advisor.


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