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Expressions with the word “Down”

1st May 2020

Expressions with the word “Down”

As the UK has been locked down one of our teachers, Helen, thought she would share some other phrasal verbs with down that have a nicer meaning.

  • Play something down = tell people a problem is not as bad as it really is, often because you don’t want people to worry.
  • Example:  “Robin had a very bad flu but he played it down to his friends and told them it was just a slight cold.”
  • Get down (slang) = Dance with enjoyment, feel the music
  • Example: “I love this song, it always makes me get down, it makes me fell happy.”
  • Slow down = when a car slows down its speed decreases. When a person slows down it usually means they become less active or relax.
  • Example: “You need to slow down, the speed limit is 40 not 60!” “Holidays are a time for me to slow down and spend time with my family. No work!”
  • Track down = To hunt or look for something or someone and find it.
  • Example: “I was looking for my brother for ages and finally tracked him down in the library.” “I am trying to track down my camera but I can’t find it anywhere.”
  • Dress down = not wear formal clothes, wear casual clothes.
  • Example: “ In the online classes, some students really dress down and they only wear their pyjamas!”

Can you put all of these phrasal verbs into one paragraph? Why not try?

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