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Expressions with home

19th April 2020

While you’re studying at home, why not learn some new expressions connected to the theme of houses and home?

Our teacher, Andrew, is taking a few weeks off but before he went, he wanted to share these useful expressions connected to the theme of houses and homes. Why not try to use some of them?

Like most Celtic staff and teachers at the moment, our students are following government advice and spending time at home. This is a difficult time but it doesn’t mean we have to stop learning and trying to improve our vocabulary. To help you with this, we want to focus on a few useful phrases and expressions which English speakers often use all connected to the topic of “home”.

Stuck at home

  • Meaning: When you can’t leave your house or flat, you are ‘stuck at home’.
  • Example: “I have to finish my essay so I am stuck at home.”

It’s on the house

  • Meaning: This means that something is free and you don’t have to pay for it
  • Example: “I was at a restaurant yesterday and the waiter gave me some ice cream, on the house!”

Home is where the heart is

  • Meaning: the place where you feel the most love is your home – maybe your parents’ home or the place you live now
  • Example: “I like living in Cardiff but I miss my family. Home is where the heart is.”

Until the cows come home

  • Meaning: We say this to mean ‘for a very long time’
  • Example: “I was on the phone to my mum last night until 11.30pm! She can talk until the cows come home.”

Make yourself at home

  • Meaning: We say this to guests in your house when they arrive and we want them to feel comfortable
  • Example: “Come in, come in! Please, relax and make yourself at home.”

It’s nothing to write home about

  • Meaning: If something isn’t very interesting or memorable, we use this phrase
  • Example: “What did you think of that film on Netflix last night?”
    “Hmm, it was OK, but it was nothing to write home about.”

So, if you are having online lessons with us at the moment, try to use one of these phrases in your next class. Or, you can try to include one in your homework to impress your teacher and classmates!

If you’d like to sign up for our online lessons, you can visit our online courses page.

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