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English vocabulary: Summer idioms

25th June 2017

Now that summer is in full swing, we would like to teach you some expressions and idioms related to summer. Check out our blog post and learn new vocabulary. 

  1. Like a fish out of water – to feel uncomfortable in a new environment.

I attended a party yesterday and I felt like a fish out of water.

  1. A drop in the Ocean – a very small amount compared to the amount needed

He has only saved £100 for his new car. That’s a drop in the ocean.

  1. Thrown in at the deep end – to make someone do something, especially a job, without preparing them for it or helping them.

On my first day of work, I was thrown in at the deep end with a class of 30 kids and no training and no books!

  1. Make a splash – to get a lot of public attention

HIs new film has made quite a splash in London.  

  1. Come rain or shine – whatever the weather

I go running three times a week, come rain or shine.

  1. To make hay while the sun shines–  To do something right away while the situation or conditions are right, with no delay

While I was living in France, I decided to make hay while the sun shines and learn how to speak French! 

  1. A place in the sun – a job or situation which makes you happy and gives you everything you need and want.

He has got a new job as a teacher. He loves it. He’s finally found his place in the sun.

Can you think of other idioms with a summer theme? Let us in the comments below! 

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