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Describing summer holidays in English

9th July 2017

Are you ready for the summer holidays? Do you have any plans? Are you going to the beach? ☀️? Welcome to our #StudyTip! Today, we are learning how to describe the summer holidays. Check out our lesson and learn new useful vocabulary.

Many people choose to spend their summer at a holiday resort.  They often fly abroad as it is quicker than driving or getting a bus. Once they reach their destination, they often spend most days on the beach, sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. In the evening, many tourists decide to go for a walk, and look around the town or city they are in.

Resort: a place where a lot of people go for a holiday

Fly: travel by plane

Destination: the place to which someone is going

Sunbathe: take off your clothes and sit or lie in the sun

Relax: do nothing and enjoy yourself

Go for a walk: have a short walk to enjoy yourself

Look around: walk round a place to see it

Things you can do on your holidays ☀️???? 

Go sightseeing: go as a tourist to look at interesting buildings and places

Visit museums: go and see a place which has important objects and paintings from the past

Go on a tour:  a short visit to a town, museum etc. sometimes with a guide

Get lost: if you get lost or are lost, you don’t know where you are

Take photos: use your camera to take pictures

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