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Celtic’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

13th December 2019

There is lots of information in the news about how, as a global community, we need to work together to reduce our impact on the environment. Read on to find out about Celtic’s commitment to environmental sustainability.



As a forward-thinking organisation, Celtic has made a commitment to environmental sustainability. We aim to become a greener and more environmentally aware English Language Academy. We have a responsibility to take care of the environment, and we outline this in our Environmental Policy and in our academy brochure.

environmental sustainability

In April 2019, Celtic asked for help from Business Wales and as a result, took the Green Growth Pledge. This is a statement to our customers and the wider business community that we are taking action to become a cleaner and greener company.

Celtic’s commitment to environmental sustainability means we are currently working on three key areas:

Measuring impacts

Taking steps to measure and manage the environmental and social impacts of our business, including monitoring and reporting carbon, water and social value and putting an action plan into place to improve performance.

Brand & Marketing

Taking action to communicate our good practices and making it accessible to all, to ensure it is recognised for and associated with best practice.

Well-being of Staff & Your Local Community

Furthermore, we are taking action to make our business socially responsible. We ensure that we pay our employees a decent living wage, provide them with flexible working conditions and offer products and services which benefit public health and well-being.

In case you didn’t know, here are some of the ways Celtic has taken action around these three key areas in 2019:

  • Set up an environmental working group to engage our staff on green issues
  • Celebrated ‘Go Green Day’ to raise awareness of green issues and green behaviours
  • Celebrated our social responsibility of being a Real Living Wage employer since March 2018 – the first private UK EFL company to commit to doing so. We are working with Chwarae Teg to improve our HR practices, gaining the ‘Achieving Employer’ certification in 2019
  • Committed to offsetting our international business travel flights from April 2020
  • Committed to change our water supply from bottled to mains fed in December 2019
  • All of our building energy needs apart from one gas meter are sourced from a 100% renewable green energy supplier. We are aiming for 100% of our building energy needs to be sourced from the same supplier by March 2020.
  • Replaced plastic drinking cups with paper cups in our reception
  • Committed to monitoring our energy and waste by assigning this responsibility to a permanent member of Celtic staff
  • Installed 10 bike racks for staff use, and promoted the Cycle to Work scheme

Have you thought about what you could change to be a more environmentally friendly person? Help us by joining in with Celtic’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Why not take the WWF’s environmental footprint calculator and get some tips on how you can reduce your environmental impact: https://footprint.wwf.org.uk/#/

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