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Cardiff: Voted the Best and Friendliest City in the UK by Condé Nast

30th November 2023

Cardiff: Voted the Best and Friendliest City in the UK by Condé Nast

Cardiff: Voted the Best and Friendliest City in the UK by Condé Nast

Cardiff, the vibrant Welsh capital, has been acclaimed as both the best and friendliest city in the UK for 2023. With its eclectic restaurants, lively bars, and dynamic neighbourhoods, Cardiff continues to charm and surprise globally.

The Heart of Welsh Warmth and Excitement

Achieving an impressive 86.84% in overall satisfaction and an outstanding 97.78% in friendliness, Cardiff isn’t merely a city; it’s a beacon of warmth and excitement.

As a capital city chosen by thousands of students each year, it offers a rich blend of historical and modern attractions. From the historical castles narrating tales of the past to the iconic BBC studios, home of Doctor Who, Cardiff is a city of diverse experiences.

A Prime Destination for Students and Agents

For students, Cardiff is more than an academic hub; it’s a vibrant environment ripe with cultural and social experiences. Its blend of local and international cuisines, buzzing social scene, and rich cultural activities, including major artists’ concerts, live theatre, and music, creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

Agents have the unique opportunity to promote a city that excels not just academically but in offering a life filled with adventure, growth, and genuine warmth.

Cardiff is an easy sell to students seeking a destination that promises a comprehensive educational and life experience.

Embracing Culture and History

Cardiff’s appeal extends beyond its welcoming community. As a city steeped in history, Cardiff boasts iconic landmarks like Cardiff Castle, a vibrant centre of activity deeply cherished by the city’s residents.

Additionally, nearby attractions such as Castell Coch and Caerphilly Castle offer easily accessible and continually surprising experiences for students every year.

Welcome to Cardiff: A City That Embraces All

Cardiff stands proud as the UK’s top city in 2023, distinguished not only by its accolades but by the rich experiences and opportunities it offers. Whether you’re a student embarking on a new journey or an agent promoting this Welsh jewel, Cardiff is your destination.

Condé Nast Traveller’s 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards highlight Cardiff’s allure, marking it as a must-visit gem in the UK. For those eager to explore or promote this exceptional city, the time has never been better.

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