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Online Private English Lessons

Complement your course with personalised online private lessons to suit your individual needs and interests.


  • a1
    I can say some basic words in English.
  • a2
    I can communicate in a simple way and understand a few things in English.
  • b1
    I can communicate in familiar situations, but often make mistakes or don't have the vocabulary I need.
  • b1+
    I can speak and understand reasonably well and can use basic tenses but have problems with more difficult grammar and vocabulary.
  • b2
    Upper Intermediate
    I can communicate without much difficulty but still make some mistakes and misunderstand sometimes.
  • c1
    I can speak and understand very well but in unfamiliar situations may have a few problems with topic-specific vocabulary.
Which level should I apply for?

These lessons are perfect if you would like:

  • Extra tuition to supplement your English programme
  • The added personal attention that Private Lessons provide
  • Extra support to prepare for an exam
  • To learn more quickly perhaps because you have limited time
  • To cover a particular area of interest or an area that is of concern to you.

Course Details

Class Size:
1 student
Start Date:
Any Monday
Course Length:
1-50 weeks
Minimum Age:
Lesson Length:
1 hour
£60 per hour
Apply now

Private Online English lessons can provide you with extra personal attention and can be adapted to suit your needs and interests.

Celtic’s private, tailor-made English lessons are designed to suit your personal learning needs. You can discuss the content of your lessons and your language aims with your teacher. Celtic will arrange the time of your Private Online Lessons with you. The lessons are 60 minutes.

Flexible Course Content

Private Lessons are perfect for improving specific areas of your English. They will give you the opportunity to work on areas that are of particular interest or concern to you. You will get the most from your Private Lessons if you have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve and give clear instructions when booking the lessons.


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