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You can read testimonials from a number of our students at every level, and from all over the world.

Student Testimonials

What our students say about us and Cardiff.

Cardiff is a compact city. People are all very friendly here. There is a great atmosphere. Celtic English Academy is a small school so to meet people and make friends it is easier.

My favourite lessons are the conversation classes and I also liked the barbecue a lot and the games for Christmas were great as well. I can’t choose my favourite memory in Cardiff because I had a lot of great memories here.

I will recommend Celtic English Academy to my friends and family because it is a good school to learn English. Here, I’ve learnt a lot about English, British culture but also about other cultures because there was a great mix of nationality in the school.

One last thing to say: keep going on this way. You are doing a great job!

What I like about Cardiff and Celtic English Academy are the people. Everybody is really nice and kind.

My favourite social activity was the barbecue, it was fantastic. We had a really good time that day. In Cardiff, I have a lot of good memory, but maybe the best ones are when I have been out of the city and when I’ve travelled in Wales. The views here are extremely beautiful.

I’ve also learnt a lot about the British culture and that a lot of “clichés” are true but that doesn’t mean that we are not going to get on well with each other. I’m coming back to my country with an excellent impression.

I will recommend Celtic English Academy to my friends and family because I really enjoyed the lessons and I think I’ve improved my English a lot.

In my opinion, Cardiff and Celtic English Academy are good places to learn English. But I don’t really like the fact that sometimes during the week Cardiff is very quiet, there are not many things to do.

My favourite social activities are all the trips organised by Celtic on Saturday or Sunday.

My favourite memory in Cardiff is all the parties in the “Live Lounge” with the other students for the school.

I’ll deeply recommend Celtic English Academy to my friends and family because it is a good place to learn English. The support staff is very serious and the teachers are very good especially Edward that is for me the best teacher.

I like my lessons at Celtic English Academy because my teachers give us practical activities. I think Cardiff is a good city because it offers you a good variety of activities.

I haven’t found anything negative things about the school. Cardiff needs to change the times for traffic-lights because it is a very short time for the pedestrians.

My favourite lesson is with my teacher Ryan and my classmates. I liked all the social activities that I’ve done with Celtic.

My favourite memory is the trip to Oakwood Park with the school. I spent an amazing day in the theme park.

I’ve learnt a lot about the British and above all the Welsh culture: about battles, the history of Wales. I’ve also learnt about British lifestyle and culture.

I will recommend Celtic English Academy because it offers good services always give you solutions for your problems. They also organize a lot of trips and social activities. I don’t have any negative feedback because I’ve been very happy with my teachers and the staff of Celtic in general.

My favourite places in Cardiff are the bay and the pubs. What I like the most about Celtic are the trips they organised every weekend accross Wales or England.

In Cardiff, I enjoy going out in a traditional british pub with the other students from the school. My best memory so far was when we went to the Roman Bath with my classmates.

Thanks to my stay in Cardiff, I could learn more about british specialities and typical meals. I tried the Fish and Chips and also the Welsh breakfast.

I will recommend Celtic English Academy to my friends and family for the warm welcome the school give to the students. They know how to integrate everyone, we are never alone here and now I have a lot of friends from different nationalities.

I like my teachers from Celtic English Academy a lot, they are great and interesting. I also love the fact that I can speak in English with students from different countries and to learn about their culture.

Sometimes, I am a little bothered that students from the same countries stay together and speak in their native language.

I enjoy all my lessons here. Every day I can learn something new thanks to my great teachers.

I also spent a great time in London during the trip organised by Celtic. All the memories I have here are my favourites! Every day and every memory here are wonderful.

I didn’t know much about British culture before I arrived in Cardiff. But here, I have learnt that British culture is different from Russian culture. Now I know that it is a very rich culture. Also there are a lot of people from everywhere in the world, it makes a great diversity.

I will strongly recommend Celtic English Academy to my friends and family because it is a good place to improve your English and to have a good time on holiday!