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Cardiff has a mild climate with no dry season. Even when it is sunny, the British weather can seem cold and damp to students, especially those used to warmer climates.

A year in Cardiff

The chart below will give you a good idea of what the weather is like in Cardiff throughout an average year:


In addition to your ordinary clothes, we recommend bringing the following comfortable and practical items for your time in Cardiff:

  • A good rain coat

  • A hat or umbrella

  • Sturdy shoes for walking

It is quite possible  for  the  day  to  start  off  cool  and  wet  and  change  by  lunchtime  to  a  warm  and  sunny  afternoon - or  the  other  way  around.  There  is  a  saying  in  Wales  that  you  can  experience  all  four  seasons  in  one  day!