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Every month, we publish our social activities calendar. It can also be found on the Celtic Online portal, on posters around the academy, or look out for regular social activity updates on our Celtic Facebook Page.

You can sign up for social activities and trips on Celtic Online and pay at reception.

*We apologise that the social activities calendar below is not working currently. If you would like to see a sample social activity calendar please email info@celticenglish.co.uk

Activities calendar


Seeing the UK

We not only organise frequent trips to attractions in and around Cardiff, but we also run lots of day excursions and enjoy nights out. Throughout the year, you will have an opportunity to visit important UK cities, explore beautiful natural landscapes and attend international festivals across England and Wales.

For more things to see and do outside of Cardiff, please go to the Visit Wales or Visit Britain websites.


Our social events are offered at a great price for you. Our evening activities, like pub quiz nights, cinema nights and bowling, usually cost between £2 and £8, while our day trips around the UK range from £10 to £35. We also offer free social activities like picnics in the park or walking tours of Cardiff.

Activity Cost Activity Cost Activity Cost
Pub quiz £2 Walking tour of Cardiff Free Full day trip to London £35
Cinema night £7 Picnics in the park Free Full day trip to Oxford £18
10 pin bowling £8 National Museum of Wales in Cardiff Free Full day trip to Bath £16
Cocktail master class £22 Local festivals Free Full day tour of West Wales £36

Bespoke Trips

We are always open to suggestions when it comes to social activities, so if there is anywhere you want to go or anything you want to do, tell us in advance and we’ll try our best to organise it!

We also offer bespoke trips for groups as well as individuals. We can help find and book hotels, organise tours and arrange transport to and from Cardiff for destinations throughout the UK. All you need to do is ask and we can happily take care of the rest.

Our Top Picks

If you are interested in seeing more of Wales, then we would also recommend visiting the many beaches and national parks which surround Cardiff. Our top picks include: