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Why should I stay with a homestay provider?

  • Regularly inspected homes

  • Friendly homestay coordinator

  • Experience the British way of life first-hand

  • Daily contact with native English speakers

  • Students are matched with suitable homestay providers

  • Breakfast and dinner are provided daily

All of our homestay accommodation providers are carefully selected by our team. They are all welcoming and caring, regardless of age or circumstances. We listen carefully to our students’ feedback. Our personal attention helps guarantee both students and homestay providers are happy.

You can choose from five types of accommodation:

Standard Homestay

This type of homestay accommodation provides you with your own room in the house with access to a shared bathroom. You will be able to use the lounge to relax, speak with the hosts in English and watch TV. Kitchen use will be varied depending on the household that you stay with.

General Information
Practical Information
Residence FAQ

Standard Homestay

All standard homestay accommodation provides you with the following:

  • Own room

  • Daily breakfast and evening meal

  • Towels provided

  • Bedding provided    

  • Communal living area

  • Shared bathroom with shower or bath

  • Washing facilities


All year round except for the Christmas and New Year Holiday (unless agreed with the homestay provider).


All of our homestay providers are located within 6 miles of the academy.


By bus or train, or on foot.      

Travelling time:

Within 5 to 45 minutes’ travelling time from Celtic by public transportation.

Room Type:

Single room (double or twin room in the instance of some shared rooms)

Your Room:

A comfortable and simply furnished room, which contains a desk and storage space for your clothes. Bed linen is provided by the homestay provider. Your homestay provider will clean your room, but you should keep it neat and tidy by making your own bed and putting your clothes away.

Meal Plan:

Half board: breakfast and evening meal included daily.

You can choose full board, which also includes a packed lunch each weekday at an additional cost of £15. Full board is compulsory for all students under 18.

Most households in the UK don’t have a cooked breakfast every day. A typical breakfast will be cereal and toast with tea, coffee or juice, so you will be offered the same. Some hosts allow students to prepare their own food in the kitchen, but you should always check with them. Lunch is also provided at weekends.


  • Cooking facilities are not included. Access to these is at the host’s discretion.

  • Dinner is the main meal of the day and usually includes meat, fish or poultry.

  • If you have specific dietary requirements please inform the centre at the time of booking, in your application form e.g. vegetarian, halal, gluten free.

  • Students under 18 years old must book a full board meal plan.


Students should be able to do one washing machine load of laundry per week. Please discuss with your homestay provider whether you should do it yourself in their machine or whether they will do it for you.

Baths and showers:

Everyone in the homestay accommodation needs to use the bathroom and there is often only one bathroom in the home.  You will need to ask your host when the best time to have your bath or shower is. Towels are provided by your homestay provider, but they may ask you to provide your own toiletries such as soap, toothpaste and shampoo.


We understand that when you are a long way from home it is very important to keep in touch with your family. Usually it is ok for you to receive calls on the household phone, however please ask your homestay provider if you can use their telephone first.


Most homes do have internet access either through a broadband-wired connection or Wi-Fi, but this is not guaranteed. If you specifically require use of the internet, please state this on your application form. There may be usage restrictions on the amount of time or downloading you are permitted to do in the home. Please ask the homestay provider upon your arrival.

Note: At Celtic English Academy you can enjoy free Internet and wireless connection Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.

Standard Homestay Practical Information

Your arrival

Although with homestay accommodation you can arrive any day of the week, we recommend that you arrive on the Sunday before your course starts. Alternatively, it is possible to stay Saturday - Saturday.

Your hosts will always be at home to welcome you to the house. If you do not book an airport transfer service from us, you will need to contact the hosts before your day of arrival to let them know what time you expect to arrive at the house. Arrival after 23:00 is not usually allowed. The hosts will show you your room and go through the rules of the house; please feel free to ask any questions to help you settle in.

House key

You will be given a key to the house which you must look after and return at the end of your stay. Over 18-year-olds may stay out later but please respect the hosts when returning. Communication is important for a successful homestay experience and it is always a good idea to let your homestay provider know where you are, especially if you will be out late.

Tips for a successful homestay experience

As customs and habits vary from country to country, and even family to family, the key to ensuring a happy and successful homestay experience depends on mutual respect and a willingness to adapt. During the first few days in the UK you may need to adapt to a different way of living. The food, habits and daily routine may be very different from life in your country. Staying with a homestay provider is an excellent way of maximising your English language learning opportunities whilst at the same time experiencing a British lifestyle.

Our homestay providers are happy to give advice and ensure you benefit from their experience of the region, making your stay that much more authentic and unique.

Download our Homestay Handbook for students to find out more useful information.

Under 18s

For under 18s, parental authorisation is required to stay in homestay accommodation. Parents and children must read and sign the academy’s parental consent form. This parental authorisation must be returned to the academy before the student’s stay begins. The release hours on the consent form are non-negotiable, and must be respected. Misbehaviour may result in the student losing their room with their homestay provider, without the possibility of a refund, and being returned into the care of the parents. There is a curfew of 10.30pm for students under 18.

Students under 18 will receive a Parental Consent Form when the confirmation of booking documents are sent, which the students parents are to complete.

Standard Homestay Prices 2018 - 2019

Accommodation Price per week Extra night
Homestay Standard £140 £20
Homestay Superior £170 £25
Homestay Shared Room £125 £18
Supplement cost for full board (under 18s only) £15 £3

  • A weekly retention fee of £70.00 is payable if you wish to keep homestay accommodation whilst away. This isn't available in July and August.

  • There is a summer supplement cost of £10 per week for homestay between 30th June - 29th Sept.

  • There is a £15 per week supplement for special dietary requirements (e.g. halal, gluten free, vegetarian).

  • Shared rooms are only available if booked together.

Standard Homestay FAQ

Will my hosts have children?

You will be placed in a suitable home which could consist of: a couple with children, a couple without children or single people with or without children. All will be specifically matched to your particular requirements by our experienced homestay coordinator.

Will my hosts have pets?

There are many households in the UK that have a dog or cat as their pet and they often live in the house, which might be strange to some of you depending on where you are from. Many people in the UK treat their pets as part of their family and those pets usually sleep inside the house too. They are usually very well trained and friendly to visitors. If you are allergic to animals or prefer not to stay with homestay providers who have pets, please inform us on your application form.

Can I go out in the evening?

If you are over 18, you can of course go out in the evening or at the weekend to hang out with your new friends or perhaps to go to the cinema or for a meal. If you decide to go out, please let your homestay providers know in advance, including if you need meals at home or not, as you would do with your own family back home. You will be given the house key and you can return home later at night as long as your hosts know and you have agreed this in advance with them.

If you are under 18 years old, you must be home by 22:30.

I’m a smoker. Can I smoke in the homestay accommodation?

Most homestay providers only let students smoke outside the house. Although some of them do not accept any smokers in their accommodation, most of them are happy for you to smoke in their garden or dedicated smoking area. If you are a smoker, please inform us on the application form so we can make sure to place you in a homestay where you can smoke. On your arrival, please speak to your homestay provider to check where you can or can’t smoke in the accommodation.

What language will my hosts speak?

All of our homestay hosts are very experienced in accommodating international students and are culturally diverse themselves, but all will speak English as the first language in the home.

Will there be a kitchen for me to use?

Although cooking facilities are not included (access to these is at the host’s discretion), some hosts allow students to prepare their own food in the kitchen, but you should always check with them. Some of our homestay providers don’t allow our students to bring certain types of food (due to their religious beliefs e.g. pork products for Muslim, pork products and shellfish for Jewish homes). Therefore, it is very important for you to check with them on your arrival.

If you are going to be late or not eating with the hosts on any occasion, you are required to inform the host in advance. Please inform us on the application form of any foods that you cannot eat or are allergic to.