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At Celtic English Academy we all share the same passion for delivering a quality English language service. Our staff have joined us from all walks of life. Many have lived and worked overseas, others have come to work in the EFL industry following a career change and some have been with us since day one of Celtic English Academy!

Skills, experience and character

Celtic selects its staff based on their skills, experience and character. Our team is a unique combination of individuals where each and everyone has an important role to play in the Celtic family.

Find out more about Celtic English Academy and its' employers on our LinkedIn page.

If you are interested in working for us, please send your Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter to jobs@celticenglish.co.uk. We will keep speculative applications on file, although we do encourage you to regularly keep an eye out on this page for our current vacancies or upcoming opportunities.

Current Vacancies


We have a core team of teachers that work year round at our adult centre. We also hire teachers some additional teachers to help out during the high season or for group stays. Our teachers are usually CELTA or DELTA qualified, or equivalent. Many have previous experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language either in the UK or overseas. For more information about teaching at Celtic please email academic@celticenglish.co.uk

Office & Support Roles

We have a substantial office team at Celtic, which means that we have a high staff to student ratio. Therefore we are able to deliver the quality service and personal attention that we promise to give to each student. Our office roles vary from admissions and student services support, to accommodation management, marketing, finance and HR. Keep an eye on our current vacancies or you can speculatively email jobs@celticenglish.co.uk with your Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter.


We are a youthful and dynamic organisation and we recognise that everyone has to start somewhere. In the past, we have appointed interns for 3-6 month placements to support our academy during its busy periods or times of development.

We don't currently have any internship opportunities available however, we like to appoint interns to give students or graduates a chance to experience the world of work, especially if they are interested in working long-term in the EFL industry or a particular field. 

We champion the work of our interns and always value the time that they spend with us and the contributions that they make to our organisation. By taking on interns it also gives Celtic a chance to see the potential in future employees of the company. 

We often recruit our interns through speculative interest so please send your CV and covering letter to jobs@celticenglish.co.uk.

Summer Positions

We often hire additional staff for summer programmes during the high season between June to September. We often look to hire Activity and Welfare leaders as well as EFL teachers during the summer months for young learners as well as adults.

If you are interested to work with us during the summer months please send a copy of your CV and a covering letter to jobs@celticenglish.co.uk to make a speculative application.