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Did you know?

  • We are accredited by the British Council and we are a member of English UK. 

  • 98% of our students say that they would recommend Celtic English Academy to their friends and family.

  • We have over 50 different nationalities studying with us every year.

Cardiff’s convenient whereabouts also make it easy for students to explore more of the UK by train or bus. It is a low-cost, cosmopolitan city that has one of Europe’s biggest shopping centres, is a former Olympic venue and is the 2014 European Capital of Sport.

Who we are

Celtic English Academy has been providing EFL (English as a Foreign Language) lessons for over 10 years.

Our Name

Formerly known as Celtic School, we renewed our name to match our new identity:

Celtic reflects the cultural heritage of our location. We kept this part of our name because Celtic English Academy has gained a good reputation through word of mouth as Celtic School. We want our renewed brand to benefit from this.

English is the product we are selling. The word has power as a product and is a symbol of opportunity for those who wish to learn it.

Academy is a more prestigious word than school. Schools are often associated with a younger audience and compulsory attendance. An academy gives the vision of students growing and advancing and is more in keeping with our quality education, accessible to all ages.

Our Values

  • Value for money

  • Ethical

  • Personal

  • Professional

  • Flexible

  • Caring

  • Established

  • Social

  • Diverse

  • Multicultural

  • Student friendly

  • Safe

  • Welcoming

  • Culturally enriching

Our People

At Celtic English Academy we provide a quality service because we always keep our primary focus on our students. We are mindful of statistics and sales numbers, but we care more about the language acquisition and progress of our students.

Travelling to another country and culture is not always easy. We understand that our students can be homesick or struggle with cultural differences. That’s why we are patient when dealing with our students.

We look at each student individually and help him or her whenever we can, both inside and outside the classroom. Our students’ well-being during their stay with us is always a priority.

We inspire our students and let them inspire us.

We applaud our students for their courage and determination, and we applaud our team for their genuine understanding and patience.

When our students get to study at the university of their dreams, get promoted or can finally talk to their neighbours, we share in their success.

Our Students

Our students are from all over the world. We have had over 52 different nationalities studying with us.

Being in a native English speaking country is highly valued and many are convinced that studying in the UK will provide them with a higher quality of education than in their respective countries.

Our students tell us that their main reasons for choosing Celtic English Academy are the small class sizes and the promise of quality education that we deliver.

They want to learn English in a classroom environment that will support them and listen to their individual needs. Acquiring language is a priority, which is why the students want a constant learning experience and to practise speaking English at all times. This is why we go the extra mile and provide additional learning opportunities to supplement our students’ core lesson time with our free Celtic English Clubs: Language Doctor, Conversation Cafe and Celtic Book Club.

Our Teaching

We choose our teachers carefully to ensure that they are not only qualified, but also friendly, professional and passionate about what they do. Our teachers are here to support your learning journey from start to finish by providing you with guidance and motivation to help you achieve your aims.

Our Promise

At Celtic English Academy we take care of our students’ future as English speakers.

We want our students to be accepted into their desired university, to communicate better with international clients or to have a better grasp of the English language.

In order to get the best results, we provide small learning groups that accelerate students’ progress, while our individual care and attention will help them acquire English both inside and outside the classroom.

We teach English today so they can start their tomorrow.”

Our Signature

The foundation of our organisation is built upon three pillars. They define who we are, how we speak and how we act:

  • Personal

  • Stimulating

  • Respected


We Are Welcoming

We don’t make a distinction between nationality, skill or background. Each student deserves our full attention both in and out of the classroom. We invite them to feel welcome in our academy and in Wales.

We Are Experienced

We have been around for a decade and know how to teach effectively. We can help individual students progress because we know how to help them acquire the English language.

We Are Understanding

We understand that moving abroad to learn a new language is frightening and that our students might be stressed about reaching their desired level or passing an exam. We always try to see and understand things from their point of view.

We Are Ethical

Despite our strong reputation and skill level, we stay humble and true to our core of language learning. Our focus is always on the students’ progress. We boost our students’ performances, we don’t blow our own trumpet.

We Are Encouraging

We want our students to achieve their goals. We want them to end their programme satisfied, and we will motivate them to make the most out of their time with us. We believe in their dreams and want them to realise them.

We Are Social

We love people. Our business is all about communication and we take every opportunity to spend time getting to know our students, neighbours, visitors and global network.

We Are Listeners

We might do a lot of talking, but we listen too. Our focus is always on the students, so we listen to their questions, worries, suggestions and criticism. Read more about how we listen to the student voice on our Celtic English Academy Blog.